Bring the old to us and get a new or used computer for a bargain

The repurchase discount also extends to accessories, maintenance services. Repurchases can also be made from non-Apple devices (Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Dell, Philips, Sony, etc.)

Please use the device name or IMEI code to find the value and price of the device.

Prepare your device:

  • Please remove the restrictions below from your device before returning it.
  • The device to be returned must not have a device or network lock such as iCloud or similar.
  • Your device must have the Find My iPhone / Find My Device feature turned off.
  • Make sure you have removed all your personal documents, photos, and other files from your device.

You can use the discount on returning your old device when purchasing a new device as well as purchasing it right away. In most cases, we can also purchase your device without the obligation to purchase a new or used device from us. We always pay more than other stores. To do so, bring us a printed check and device.

What’s next for your old device?

Your old phone or computer will go to our workplace where it will be reconditioned and refurbished, or, if it is not economically or technically meaningful, recycled and recycled. Your device does not end up in the landfill or in the forest, but in one way or another finds a new owner. By bringing your old appliance to us, you are contributing to environmentally friendly consumption.